Luca Rossetti

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With a degree in political sciences and a master in marketing and communication, has a poledric experience in the show business. After a period abroad, he comes back to Italy and founds his first brand :IMPURE.
The name of the brand has a double and opposite meaning “I’M PURE / IMPURE “, in fact allicons, symbols and famous people arefeatured in a contrastig way. The mane objective of IMPURE is to create a critical and conscious fashion concept.

The t-shirt made for Giovanni Falcone (a sicilian judge became an hero for his fight against mafia ) is an example of this concept.

Luca Rosseti in 2011 founds his second brand MYBOO for the large distribution.Today bothbrandsare presentsin many moviesand many actors /actress chose to wear IMPURE and MYBOO. Both brands will expose in Berlin at forth coming Bread and Butter .

Starting from this year you will find some items of IMPURE and MYBOO at SIGNORINA GRANDI FIRME. e


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